Paul Ahern is a graphic designer based in Chicago whose work includes corporate, artistic, experimental, and nonprofit designs that are thoroughly researched and thoughtfully executed.

Recent work at JNJ Creative
Recent work at JNJ Creative, continued
BFA Thesis Project: An Draoi
Stylus: Object Edition
Stylus: Object Edition, continued
Lissitzky Type Project
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Stylus: Object Edition

This experimental editorial design project was created in my Editorial Experience class at Parsons. Using a strict grid-based editorial system of my own design this 80-page booklet runs it’s stories opposite to said stories’ associated images. 
    All of the stories relate to the notion that technology and development can solve any problem; from getting your nature fix from a Nintendo game to the controversial observatory atop Mauna Kea to the “Peace” Walls that divide Belfast, these stories are meant to inspire curiosity and wonder as well as scrutiny over the current trend of always designing and chasing progress when the best solutions are sometimes the simplest.

The full booklet can be accessed here. I highly recommend two-page view to see the cross-page interaction.

At Parsons School of Design