Paul Ahern is a graphic designer based in Chicago whose work includes corporate, artistic, experimental, and nonprofit designs that are thoroughly researched and thoughtfully executed.

Recent work at JNJ Creative
Recent work at JNJ Creative, continued
BFA Thesis Project: An Draoi
Stylus: Object Edition
Stylus: Object Edition, continued
Lissitzky Type Project
Other Editorial Work From Parsons
Early Work

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Further Editorial Designs from Parsons

Other work that stands out from my time at Parsons undergrad is this mock Friedman Benda index of artists and this design showcase booklet of The Crouwel—Van Toorn debate transcript.

These exercises in editorial design helped me to further develop my understanding of the grid and typography. Using a strict set of rules of my own making I was able to design within a framework that allowed for growth, experimentation, and the ability to occasionally break said framework for interesting and engaging pages and flow throughout each booklet.

Both booklets can be accessed in full here:
(Unofficial) Friedman Benda Index of Artists
The Crouwel—Van Toorn Debate Transcript (two-page view recommended) 

At Parsons School of Design