Paul Ahern is a graphic designer based in Chicago whose work includes corporate, artistic, experimental, and nonprofit designs that are thoroughly researched and thoughtfully executed.

Recent work at JNJ Creative
Recent work at JNJ Creative, continued
BFA Thesis Project: An Draoi
Stylus: Object Edition
Stylus: Object Edition, continued
Lissitzky Type Project
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Lissitzky Type

In this project for a typography class at Parsons I set out to create a font inspired by the work of the Russian artist and designer, El Lissitzky. I based this font on Lissitzky because I was also taking a course titled Inventing Abstraction with the art historian Masha Chlenova in which I was captivated by Lissitzky’s work and his role in art, design, and history. 

El Lissitzky and Kazimir Malevich hold a unique and important place in the lineage of modern art and design, inventing styles and a visual language that are ubiquitous today. Their contributions are as gargantuan as they are unknown, for their patronage under Vladimir Lenin later became the subject of state censorship in favor of the later style of Soviet Realism that Joseph Stalin preferred. 

At Parsons School of Design